COFCO W&W Made Change in Top Management

On June 19, it is reported that Shiyi Li (Castle Li), deputy general manager of COFCO W&W andgeneral manager of COFCO W&W Great Wall Wine, will no longer take charge of the imported wine segment. This position will be taken over by Guoqiang Jiao, the general manager of COFCO W&W Shaoxing Wine.



According to public information, Shiyi Li started in COFCO W&W in July 2007. Later he served for several divisions in COFCO W&W. From December 2017, he served as deputy general manager COFCO W&W and also continued to serve as the general manager of the Great Wall Wine Division and the general manager of the Imported Wine Division.

During the incumbent of Shiyi Li as the deputy general manager of COFCO W&W and the general manager of the Imported Wine Division, the sales revenue of COFCO W&W surged by 147% to 400 million yuan in the imported wine business in 2016. The 2017 semi-annual report showed that the revenue of the wine category reached 1.381 billion HongKong dollars, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%. The growth is mainly from the imported wine sector.


In 2018, under the leadership of Shiyi Li, Great Wall Wine is upgraded from Five Strategic Wines to Five Strategic Brands, with sales exceeding 2 billion in 2018. His personal achievement also includes winner of <Man of the Year> from Drinks Business Asian Awards 2017.


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